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The LA Dos: 2 Local Flavors You Should Sample

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the la dos

Consider bands Voxhaul Broadcast and Saint Motel your choice, locally-grown pesticide-free produce undoubtedly to become the next “it” culture grocery (like pomegranate or the inevitable dark-chocolating of everything).  In fact, their likeness to orgasmic stimulant, minus the much publicized decomposing “winning” hallucinations, are another reason why both these acts will hit: I’m talkin’ feature presentation baby.

Voxhaul enlivened fans at Amoeba Hollywood this week for their premiere record – Timing is Everything – release show Tuesday evening, and play for the first time as a released entity at the noted Troubadour in West Hollywood on March 26th (with Lady Danville).  I might also cite that they will be touring later with Rooney.

Saint Motel, proclaimed re-animators of power pop, have yet to sign label-ward, however I can affirm that they are no less an “upper” intoxication of a live show.  Whilst similar to Voxhaul’s shroom-amped/alleged-Jeff Buckley reminiscent frontman David Dennis, Motel’s frontman A/J (yes, slash included) Jackson, alongside fellow film-schoolers Aaron “a” Sharp, Dak, and Greg “G. S.” Erwin, nonetheless eclipses any other “pretty boy” orator that I’ve known a skinny-jeans lust for.  It’s no wonder these guys toured with lavish Brit, sound sex in the form of Band of Skulls and Duke Spirit (mutually lustable rock).

And to no further ado, I offer the following synopses of my favorite tracks by these two (links courtesy of Nic Harcourt and TheLiveBuzz):

SAINT MOTEL – “Dear Dictator”

Open to a chilling 90’s post Cobain ascending guitar fury (I picture Jack the Ripper as Dracula, perusing 1800’s London streets for plush, edible, porcelain females).  Next we COLLIDE! with The Clash bass thunder thump + full-on drum assault, timed to groinal pulse = manic good times.  Also I just made-up the word groinal.  That’s how much this band ignites me.  The lyrics are delivered with a mounting realization that you’re perhaps slightly out-of-it but TINGLING with possibility: “It’ll drink your blood just for the taste / Then laugh, then spit it out / …And all your bones, they scream for more…”

Yes, A-slash-J.  That they do.


Your bits are bouncing before you know it, charged by the hilarious and unexpected lyrics: “Oh no there she goes / dressed up in daddy’s clothes / quick while he’s still away / slip into his shoes / zip up them denim blues / let yourself fade away…” I wouldn’t have supposed that a vintage-bop attempt at transvestite romance would effect me quite so anatomically.  This track is my ultimate selection for audio fun-stew.  “I think I’m into you… girl, are you a guy?” If you’re certain of the sex of your partner, this is also a fun one to make-out to.

SAINT MOTEL – “Puzzle Pieces”

This, their latest single, is now available for your listening vibrations here or here, at the lingering headache known as myspace.  These guys have already been plastered across your Hulu sub-conscious, most frequently via MTV programming.  That said, I wouldn’t miss their upcoming Guitar Center Session with Nic Harcourt on DIRECTV, in not only 2D but 3D hi-def, eye-ballin’-amplitude (channels 101 and n|3D).  Essentially, any of these episodes are  worth the gander, but Saint Motel guarantee a most high-frequency treat.



Psychedelic awesomeballs, bird calls, Hawaiian twing-twang, Beatlemania =  fun for an LA sunset as viewed form the freeway (preferably sitting beside a bohemian female in thigh-high brown leather boots).  Or naked.  Naked or boots, this track is dizzy.  Meaning f*****’ good.

VOXHAUL BROADCAST – “Fact or Fiction”

It’s harder to dissect this bands lyrics because of the emotionally twisted stories abound in them, and their sheer knack for producing a rounded piece.  Brooding Smiths/Coldplay esque-ness quickly trips into cabaret darkness rawk meets “dirty fuzz”, throw some moonshine in there and you got Anthony Aguilar, Phillip Munsey, and Kurt Allen (guitarist, bassist, and drummer- respectively), helmed by the crooningest emcee of all, David Dennis.  Brother’s vocals are like a Warhol/Poe trendster raven on dime-novel cowboy gyrations.  It’s all in the hips, and you should be moving to this.

VOXHAUL BROADCAST – “How’d You Get My Number”

What I deem their perfect creation, and a track curiously “missing” from their album (one they weren’t keen to even release), “How’d You Get My Number” boasts perhaps the most transfixing lyric-melody combination I’ve been privy to in a half-decade.  Victorian yet outlaw; cautious yet hard:  I demand a neo-P. T. Anderson opera to this track.  I wanna smoke cloves while this plays over what was just an animal romp between me and some half-dressed, diffused specimen: all darkness and vapor and raunch in the kind of desolate hotel room where it only rains in your direct line of vision.  Then it’s revealed that you and your lover are pirates…  Seriously, go see these guys kill the Troub.  You’ll be sad if you don’t.

And tune in next time for another resident culture dose (*pun intended) /apparently sappy poetic digression.  Maybe bring some whiskey and I’ll do a line of wake-up.  In the meantime, you can educate yourself further on bands Voxhaul Broadcast and Saint Motel via the LiveBuzz interviews.

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