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1616 Club And Restaurant – Downtown

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1616 Club

The Spearmint Rhino has a brother and no, it doesn’t employ male strippers and it is not called the Wintergreen Panther.  The 1616 Club and Restaurant, brought to you by the same guys that blessed you with the Rhino, opened its doors in the hopes of becoming your favorite pre-strip club joint.  You get the same dancing, lush décor, attentive service and pricey drinks, but give up the nudity for an expansive menu.

Unlike the standard club, 1616 holds comedy nights on Wednesdays, live bands on Thursdays, “Grindhouse” Fridays with burlesque shows, and guest DJ Saturdays.  After years of being overshadowed by Hollywood, Downtown LA is reclaiming its culture and creating unique, inspired venues…that make you want to head to the strip club late night.

1616 Club and Restaurant
1616 East 15th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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